And now for something fun! Here's a list of things you probably didn't know about Maja...

  1. Maja is an avid reader and used to read 100 books a year. Her all-time favourites are The Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes and Pride and Prejudice.
  1. Maja was also Mayor of another realm. In 2015, Maja was the Mayor of Munchkin Land in the Sooke production of The Wizard of Oz. .
  1. To conquer her fear of heights, Maja skydived from 14,000 feet over Oahu, HI and 10,000 feet over Greater Victoria.
  1. Maja is a dog lover but also has a real soft side for cats. She has a mixed breed dog (Border Collie/Staffordshire Terrier) named Sandy who was named after her husband’s first dog Sandy, and is black and white, not sandy at all.
  1. Maja was very active as a Brownie, earning every badge there was. Later, she became  Pathfinder leader. She is a big supporter of Scouts, Guides, Navy League, Cadets and Youth Minor Sports.
  1. Maja is a world traveller having visited Singapore, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Scotland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Hawaii (among others).
  1. Maja is very musical. She grew up playing the flute and was an award-winning accordion player by the age of 12. These days she enjoys playing piano and singing to her son and dog.
  1. Maja began mountain biking five years ago for exercise and as a way to de-stress. She loves being out in nature and finds the sport most fun when it’s wet and really muddy.

  2. Maja’s all time favourite food is Korean BBQ although she really likes fish & chips, bacon cheeseburgers and pickled herring on rye toast.

  3.  Maja is slightly ambidextrous. She writes with her right hand, and plays sports with her left. She discovered this while playing organized Cricket!

  4. Maja’s a Western Capricorn, Eastern Ox and her spirit animal is the bear.